How do you guys like my AFC East predictions?

Aug 2011
AFC East
1. Patriots 13-3(Acquired Ochocinco, Shaun Ellis, and Albert Haynesworth. Besides Wilfork, DT was a big weakness on the Patriots defense. Acquiring Haynesworth and Ellis now gives New England the depth they needed. Ochocinco is not the WR he once was but still runs the best routes and is going to give Brady a big target to throw to.)

2. Dolphins 10-6(Acquired Reggie Bush, Matt Moore, Jason Trusnik, Ronald Fields, Kevin Burnett, Marc Colombo, and Jason Taylor. Bush gives the Dolphins speed which they haven't had in a long time. Pairing him with rookie Daniel Thomas could become a better Ricky-Ronnie pair as the new OC uses the wildcat alot. Matt Moore was primarily brought in JUST to challenge Chad Henne, not start. Though Taylor is past his prime, him being back helps LB Koa Misi who had 41 TKLS and 5 SCKS as a rookie. Kevin Burnett replaces big-mouth Channing Crowder and improves an up-and-coming defense.)

3. Jets 9-7 (Acquired Derrick Mason, Plaxico Burress, Donald Strickland.) I actually like the Strickland move. Signing an old injury-prone Plaxico who is already hurt, and replacing Cotchery with Derrick Mason doesn't help this team at all. Losing Shaun Ellis and replacing him with Muhammad Wilkerson could be a win-lose situation.)

4. Bills 7-9 (Acquired Nick Barnett, Brad Smith, Lionel Dotson, and Tyler Thigpen.) Obviously the biggest need was LB after losing Posluszny to the Jags. Nick Barnett isn't going to perform like he did back in the day, but is a very solid player. In stealing Brad Smith the Bills get a big-play, special teams, and multiple position player. Lionel Dotson may not see the field( he was on the Dolphins practice squad). Tyler Thigpen is a very good backup QB for Fitzpatrick.)

Summary: Pats win the division AGAIN(won the last 8 out of 10), defense improves. The Dolphins defense becomes a force to be reckoned with. Still don't find a QB solution but Henne has his best year (3300 YDS 20TDS 14INTS). Jets finish 3rd in the division , Sanchez numbers improve (3350 21 TDS 10 INTS), defense dominates. Bills surprise a lot of people and go 7-9, Stevie Johnson duplicates last year's numbers, and Brad Smith return 3 kicks.
@L R The Dolphins had "no QB" last year but still won 7 games. I just don't see how they lose 7+ games (6th-ranked defense improves, Chad Henne MAY breakout ex. Drew Brees)
Do you know why the Dolphins went 11-5 in 2008? Because Chad Pennington the QB had a stellar season and was healthy. Do you know why the Dolphins suck *** now? Because Chad Henne is probably the worst QB ever, he won't have that type of season. Reggie Bush might have a nice year because Dolphins Run Block is top 3 in all of NFL. And the defense is good but not good enough to be able to tolerate a mediocre QB and still have some success unlike the Jets. The Dolphins are a TE, #2 WR, and a solid QB away from contention. But they won't win with Henne

1. Pats (12-4)
2. Jets (12-4)
3. Dolphins (6-10)
4. Bills (5-11)
Sep 2007
Patriots 14-2 (the best team in the NFL and I think they are the "dream team" not the overrated eagles.)
jets 10-6 (when I think of this team I think of a retirement home. This team is old santonio holmes, plaxico burress, Derrick mason, ladanian tomlison. And that's just the offense)
dolphins 8-8 (good team but jets are better but if your a dolphins fan don't worry in two years half of the jets team will retire)
bills 4-12 (it's gonna be a long time tell this team wins the division)


Mar 2009
Patriots 14-2
Jets 11-5
Bills 9-7
Dolphins 5-11

The patriots simply have the best leader in all of football...If they run a 4-3 with argueably the top 2 DT's Shaun Ellis and Anderson(rookie season recorded 12 sacks fell way down since) back to the form they can be at your looking at one of the best D lines in football. Mccourty has prooven himself as a shutdown corner and Patrick Chung is a very dynamic player...

Jets...They have a great defense and somehow win despite sanchez...expect that trend to continue

Bills- i think they'll be decent then lost a ton of games last year by a touchdown or less.

Dolphins plain old suck...No QB no W's thats how it works...Bush is a nice addition, but if they got Orton as well they would be very good.
Feb 2010
Pats go 14-2 or even 15-1 yes 15-1

Rex takes the Jets to an all U can eat sushi and feet buffet JK

Jets go 10-6

Dolphins go 6-10

Bills go 4-12
Nov 2009
Besides flip flopping the Jets/Dolphins, everything else should be a go! Pats will be ready to go since they had a non Pats type of year. The Jets still won't win the division, but will have a respectable record and make the playoffs. I like Henne, but he has to prove to me that he's not gonna be a 1 good game, 3 mediocre to bad games type of qb. If he's consistent, they may be able to steal the other wild card. The bills? Well they're trying! Maybe Jim Kelly can pull a Brett Favre or something, i don't know.