How do you think the AFC East will look this year?

Sep 2007
Comment on mine and make your own
I say...
AFC East
1.Patriots 14-2
2.Jets 10-6
3.Dolphins 8-8
4.Bills 4-12
but I wouldn't be suprised if dolphins step up and take 2nd, but I don't see I happening
Aug 2011
Actually, the Dolphins will pick up Terrelle Pryor in the supplemental draft. They then lose their first 6 games before his suspension is up. They then go on a winning streak all the way till they win the Super Bowl......I crack myself up.
Aug 2011
I would really like to say that the Dolphins WOULDN'T take 2nd but due to the fact that they now have Reggie Bush... I don't know how it's going to turn
But I gotta switch your first two picks--
Jets 13-3
Patriots 10-6

Jets line-up is looking good this year.
Everyone here does realize the Patriots lost nothing from last year and have only strengthened their wide receiving core and pass rush, so every problem they had last year is gone. The only thing I see standing in their way of a perfect season is the Eagles in Philly, so the Patriots are going 16-0 or 15-1, 14-2 at the absolute worst.

The Jets got a lot worse in several areas, especially wide receiver, I see them going 9-7

Dolphins are a 7-9 team at best

Bills will go 4-12 at best

Haters gonna hate, but the Pats are on top once again
Jets line up looking good? BAH, they aren't looking any different. Alls the Patriots have done was improve their D mainly (a little on the offense). I have it going:

Patriots- 14-2 (or possibly 15-1...or dare I say..16-0?!?!?!)
Jets- 10-6
Dolphins- 7-9
Bills- 5-11
Jan 2008
The Dolphins have a better chance at taking 4th than 2nd they have a lot of questions and their quarterback is terrible. The Pats and Jets create a big gap betweem themselves and the dolphins/bills

1 Pats 11-5
2 Jets 11-5
3 Dolphnis 7-9
4 Bills 4-12