How do you wash an old school Atlanta Falcon's jersey without ruining it?

Nov 2012
It says its 100 percent nylon. Its number 21! I used to wear this at school because my oldest brother gave me it. Yes, I'm an Eagles fan so it's quite weird I own a 90's Falcons jersey but what the hey. Since my Eagles are straight up dog doo, maybe I should root for Falcons tonight since I have their Jersey. I own Eagles and Falcons Jersey. There's no name on this jersey it is just number 21.

Thanks for your help, also I believe its one of the cheaper jerseys because its not as nicely made but whatever. A jersey is a jersey to me!
I used to get complimented at school with this jersey because I think people love Deion Sanders. Not much of a Falcons fan, but hell they are going through the same shit my Eagles fans are going through. We all just want that 1rst Super Bowl really bad.