How good are the tampa bay buccaneers?

Jan 2009
Josh Freeman is a great QB that will only get better, but needs better wrs and rbs. Takib is a great defnder but they are missing elite lbs. but dont be surprised if they make the play offs
Oct 2010
Josh Freeman is the best young QB in the league! AND he's a beast in the 4th quarter. They got a great 2nd year WR in Mike Williams and a solid TE with Winslow. So Freeman's got talent surrounding him. Passing game? Solid. Now Legarrette Mothafu*&in Blount who had over 1000 yrds rushing his rookie year only playing 13 games! Imagine what he'll do in a full season now that cadillac's gone. The only problem they had was Defense and they drafted Adrian Clayborn and Daquan Bowers, two guys that will have an immediate impact on D.
Dont be suprised if they win the NFC South, even if they don't they get the wildcard spot in the Playoffs.
Feb 2011
if freeman actually gets an O line...they're a serious contender for an NFC title...

our lions open the season's gonna be a great season for both of these teams if they can hold to expectations....
Aug 2011
Good, I can't wait for the game Panthers Vs Bucs Hopefully the Nfc South will play out real well