How Many Points Should I Allow My Beloved Atlanta Falcons To Win By ...?

I'm just playin' so don't get all pissy:)

I think it will be a good game regardless of who wins and I look forward to jawing with fans of the Packers in a friendly way.

01. Is it gonna be a Green Bay blow out?

02. How about Atlanta blowing them out??

03. Maybe a tight game to the finish?

Tell me how you feel ... I can take it!:)

Thanks and thumbs up to all who answer ... just give me time to get back and read the answers.
Oct 2007
It's going to be a good game. Not liking how it's starting though. I'm pulling for the Packers by 7. Don't think it will be a blowout. Looks like Packers need to work on defense. But it's only the first quarter.