how many years does Matt Hasselbeck have left in the nfl/ can the titans win the afc

garrett b

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Jun 19, 2009
south? I think the titans can win the afc south if manning is out for a long period of time hasselbeck took a bad seahawks team to the superbowl I am not saying he will do it again but he will have chris johnson some decent wide outs and a good o line
Dec 30, 2007
Hasselback is in decline but he is the best pure passer Britt had ever experienced. I wouldn't expect the Titans to reduce their running game to "exploit" Hasselback's skills. The Titans won't get lucky long enough for the Colts to fall from grace.
Sep 9, 2011
As a lifelong Seahawk fan, I will warn you against getting your hopes up with MH. He's streaky and inconsistent at best. He plays to the level of his that I mean he plays like a mad man when he's against a team that is supposed to crush him and looks like a Pop Warner 3rd stringer against teams he should be laying the smack down on.

I say 3 years left on his old legs/back/arm and he 'could' sneak in a division title if the planets align just right.


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Jan 12, 2009
How many years does he have in the NFL, or does he have actually being a legit starter? Id say this is his last as a starter. Jake Locker will be starting next season, if not this season. Hasselback signed a 3 year deal, but I think that was mostly to be a quality back up and to teach Locker. I think Hasselback has the kind of mind that NFL coaching staffs like, much like Mark Brunell. This will help him stick around on one bench or another for as long as he wants. Thing is, Hasselback will be 38 when his Titans contract is up, and at that point, I dont know if hell have the will to stick around and teach another rookie somewhere.

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