How much of the New York Jets loss tonight should be blamed on their scheduling?

Jan 2010
Not trying to make excuses, Tim Tebow is a WINNER and the Jets deserve to lose with the offense and special teams' horrible play tonight, but how much of the Jets loss should be blamed on their scheduling? 0%? 1%? 30%?

- Sunday Night - 8:30 game vs. New England Patriots, ended at midnight
- Travel 2/3 across the country to the Mile High City Denver with thin air
- 1-2 days to prepare for a offense no other team in the NFL has
- Tomlinson and Kerley, two important part of the Jets offense, out because they couldn't heal leg injuries in that 3 day span, especially considering how they the Jets had to fly in the air all the way to Denver
- They lost on Denver's final drive and looked tired... just like many players when they visit the Mile High City, especially coming off a Sunday night game and playing a Thursday night game.

I'm expecting 3-4 irrelevant answers from people who just wants to bash the Jets or their fans.
Kind of like you did when Sanchez and the Jets beat the Patriots in the AFC divisional? Or when the Patriots were on that losing streak? Hmm, didn't see you during the recent losing streak. Wonder why.
And here you are, making delusional comments about how the Jets fans are "hopping off" this suppose bandwagon. Only bandwagon/fairweather fans are those who leave 21-14 playoff games early.
Sep 2007
You raise good points, and I thought about that beforehand. Late Sunday, less than four day turnaround, into Denver no less. It makes sense that teams randomly bite the bullet to visit Denver, but this seems like a triple whammy.

That said, Tebow's flock will see this as another sign of the second coming, and the less intelligent of the Jets fans will definitely blame Sanchez for the Jets getting 3.0 yards per rush tonight.
Scheduling can't be used for any team's excuse for losing a game. Good teams are prepared for any scheduling problems.

What excuse do you have for the Jets getting slaughtered last Sunday by the Patriots at home with first place up for grabs in the AFC East? They had 8 days to rest for that game.
Sep 2010
When you consider yourself a SB caliber team you have to play these games. It comes with the territory.

Who are your Addition Details aimed at?
You can't blame scheduling. That's really pushing it. Teams have injuries, you can't always blame them and Greene and McKnight are a solid tandem. Granted they missed LT's blocking. You can't blame scheduling and injuries on the botched direct snap that McKnight missed or Mangold overthrew or whatever the hell happened on that play. You can blame lack of preperation but during the offseason when the schedules were designed, who the hell thought that Tim Tebow would be playing this well and that the option would be so effective.

Just suck this up as another of the many embarrassing losses by the Jets in their existence and move on to next week against Buffalo. We still have seven games left to play and a long week to prepare and get healthy.
I didn't watch the game tonight so I don't know. I always like to watch the Jets (lose! lol) but I hate Tebow soooo much more, so I couldn't bear to watch it... But I definitely think they were at a disadvantage having come off late Sunday game.
Feb 2009
None. Every team at some point has to go through something similar. Oakland had to do it in the first 2 weeks of the season. Play a Monday night game that didn't start until after 10pm on the east coast, then fly to Buffalo on the short week, and play a 1pm east coast time game. Examine every team's schedule, and you will find similar situations.
Jan 2009
Blame it on Sanchez. All the Jets had to do was take care of the ball and score a few points, but that pick six is what killed them.


Jan 2008
a lot of people pointed that out. traveling 2 time zones on a 5 day week against a team thats not great, but 3-1 (now 4-1) under tebow. im not making excuses for the jets (i barely even watched the game, but saw sanchez not get a flag for getting blasted late), but those are pretty big factors.
Your not trying to make excuses, but the thing is you are by posting this question.

Call this an irrelevant answer but all those points are such bullsh*t. But if you want to blame the lose on thin air and getting home from a game a little late be my guest.
May 2011
I see what you're saying, but I don't blame their loss on the scheduling.

I don't think their lack of rest had anything to do with McKnight's fumble, Sanchez's pick 6, and poor tackling on that final drive.