How will the Cincinnati Bengals and the Seattle Seahawks finish out?

Feb 2008
The Cincinnati Bengals are nearly guaranteed to make it into the playoffs if they can win three of their next four (they will need to beat up the Steelers in Pittsburgh though) while the Seattle Seahawks are now on top of the NFC Wildcard race with a huge upset over the Chicago Bears and they have the easiest schedule. They only have to worry about the Redskins gaining ground on them, and their defensive line will fall a part eventually.

I have the Bengals murdering the Cowboys and the Eagles back to back, and then beating the Steelers and losing to the Ravens to roll the sixth seed in the playoffs. I have the Seahawks demolishing the Cardinals and the Bills, then the losing to the 49ers and then crushing the Rams 38-7 to roll the fifth seed in the playoffs (they have the tiebreakers over the Packers and the Bears now). How do you think that both teams will finish out? Please don't give any smart*** comments.