I heard the New York Jets whooped some tail but what was the score?

Last sunday i was watchin the buffalo bills and the New York Jets game, but i didnt get to finish it. my boyfriends dad told me they whooped ass but i still dont know what the score was
Nov 2011
The Jets were very lucky to leave Buffalo with a 28-24 victory. The Jets didn't whoop anybody!
Feb 2009
If you understand "whooped ass" to mean "benefited from an opponent's dropped pass to eek out a victory," then yes.

The fact is that the Bills (and one Bill specifically) lost the game 28-24.
Didn't you hear? Mark Sanchez left the game with "severe menstrual cramping" and Jarius Byrd ran back a Mark Brunell pass for the game winning pick6.

It was all over the Post/Dailynews.
Dec 2011
They barely beat a buffalo team that didn't have their #1 running back and a qb that was suffering because of it and on a three game losing streak.
May 2009
28 to 24 jets buffalo would have won if DUMB SHIT Stevie Johnson would have caught the game winning catch. by the way the game was far from a whoopin