In what order will the teams finish in the AFC East?

Jul 2009
Buffalo, New England, NY Jets & Miami

No...this is not my prediction...just offering the teams (In alphabetical order) in case you needed them
Aug 2011
1. New England Patriots 13-3-Tom Brady is still one of the best and they have a top end Oline to protect him (although it didn't look that way last night) and a young improving defense
2. New York Jets 10-6-Sanchez is good enough to not lose games, they have a dominate run game strong receivers, strong Oline and a top end defense
3. Miami Dolphins 8-8-Chad Henne may improve off last season but not by much and unfortunately for Dolphin fans Bush and Daniel Thomas can't win them the division, but a strong defense led by Wake should be good enough for a .500 record
4. Buffalo Bills 5-11-They are slowly getting better but they have a ton of holes to fix before they are a real contender in the NFL
Oct 2007
1. Patriots- They got better in the off season and they were the best team last year so they will win the division.
2. Jets- They didn't really do anything to get any better and possibly got a little worse but not much worse. They will probably still make the playoffs as a wildcard.
3. Dolphins- Until they make major changes they wont be getting better. Henne is a decent QB but he won't lead a team to the playoffs. Getting Reggie Bush is an upgrade at runningback over Brown or Williams but he isn't a team changer.
4. Bills- this team is years away from being good. Fitzpatrick is decent and has potential and they have some offensive players with potential but it will take years before they are good. Defense is getting better but it is not good enough right now.