Is Mark Sanchez the worst QB in the AFC East?

Jun 2011
I honestly think he is. People like to hate on Henne but he was playing some great football prior to his injury. Sanchez has the better oline and weapons but has managed just 54.5 career comp %. He's inaccurate, indecisive, and overrated. In his defense, he has been a helluva player in the postseason. Thats good but he won't always have such a high caliber team to win games despite him.
Feb 2010
He's one of the worst period, he's only this good because he's had a great defense. Take away his loud mouth coach and great defense and their a 5-11 win team at best.
Sep 2010
Of course. It's his 3rd year and he's still posting a mediocre 56.1% completion rate and 8-5 TD-INT ratio. Not to mention his inability to consistently escape from pressure has him on pace to top last year's sack total by week 10. Oh, and how about those 6 fumbles, 4 of which were lost? He's on pace to fumble 19 times and lose 13. There's your Sanchize!!!
Oct 2011
No,Mark Sanchez has taken the Jets to back to back AFC title games.Henne can't even win a game this season.