is st.louis starting become a football town rams nation?

Mar 2011
so anyway i love st.louis sports and for some reason this year people care more about the rams they think that the cards wont do anything this year and it will get worse when pujols leaves. on the other hand the rams got sam bradford and some young talent who will draft corey liuget the d gets better and sidney rice wants to play for the rams and its a good chance he comes here then u add leonard hankerson in the second round so i think its becoming a football town what do u guys think
Jan 2009
St. Louis has always been a baseball town. Even when the team struggled the fans supported the cardinals. Also I believe when it's all said and done pujols will stay there. The Rams are an improving team but St. Louis will never be a football town.St. Louis is probably the best baseball town there is.
Sep 2007
They averaged less than 50,000 in attendance per game last season, so I think they have a long way to go. I remember watching one game last season where it seemed like there were only about 15,000 in the stands.
Apr 2011
Maybe for the next few years, but the Cardinals will improve quickly. The Rams may be hot for a few years, but that doesn't last long in the NFL.
even if the cardinals aren't great this year and pujols leaves (which i don't think he will), it will still be a baseball town because cardinals fans are the most loyal fans in the country. football may get bigger, but it won't be on the same level as baseball