Is the AFC North the toughest division in all of the NFL?

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Sep 13, 2009
I would say the NFC South is the toughest in the NFL because they are they only division with at least 3 teams above .500. The AFC South is also pretty tough because every team is at least .500. The AFC North is definitely not the hardest. Yes the Steelers and Ravens are good, and the Browns beat a couple good teams, but there are better teams in the NFL.


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Sep 15, 2007
THey are tough, but I think the AFC south is harder. Who would want to see peyton manning (colts), Chris Johnson (titans), Andre Johnson (texans), and Maurice Jones-Drew (jaguars). Nobody would want to face those guys....
Nov 10, 2010
One thing's for sure, with the way the Ravens and Steelers have been for at least the past decade, it's certainly got to be considered. Would the Bengals and Browns be as bad as they have been if they played in another division, say the NFC West? Well, the Browns may have been (there has been a lot wrong with that team during the past decade), but I tend to think the Bengals would be in the playoffs every year in a weak conference. The Ravens and Steelers beat them up, and no other conference has those two defenses in one division.

Seriously, make a list of the best 3 defenses in football, year by year since 2000, and I'm sure the Ravens and Steelers would both be in that "best 3" every single year.


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Jan 3, 2008
Yes two great defenses The steelers and the ravens, browns are now an up and coming team with a real good defense and well the bengals arent that bad either even though they have a crappy record, be afraid of AFC North, be afraid

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