Is the NFC south the most overrated division in the NFL?

Dec 2009
Atlanta got blow out by Chicago, New Orleans folds against the Packers and Lions beat the overrated Tampa Bay team.
Saints lost to the Packers on the last play of the game, so they at least were in position to win the game. The Falcons lost to a defense that wasn't gonna give up a lot of points to their"explosive" offense. Tampa Bay was overrated from the get go and many of their wins last year came against bad teams and sub par teams.
Dec 2010
The Saints game was a last sec deal. So I don't think they are overrated. And you can't judge a division based on one week. Teams change throughout the season.
Jan 2010
Wow, I guess the week 1 overreaction exists in fantasy football AND real life

Saints lost to the defending champs and the best team in the NFL
Atlanta loss to the same Bears that went to the NFC champion game
Bucs lost to a uprising Lions team