Minnesota Vikings continue to Choke?


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Dec 1, 2009
Well Vikings fans going to be a very long season for ya does not matter how good AP is he can't win it by him self. They do need to get rid of that coach more bad play callings wat up with da defense they playing soft. And the WR not getting done it not Mcnabb fault what can he do when got a bad offensive coach calling bad calls, got no weapons beside Harvin who else he can depend on.


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Jul 30, 2011
The Vikings aren't "choking", they're "losing". Choking is when you're a far and away better team but you screw everything up. The Vikings are just plain bad and are losing ball games. Simple as that.
Oct 3, 2011
well mcnabb is getting to that place where he isnt as good as he use to be... they either have to replace the coach or the quarterback... i say put in joe webb or ponder see what they can do with the rest of the season goes!!