New York Sports- Jets/Giants, Yankees/Mets, Rangers/Isles?

Dec 2011
I am from Chicago and watching the Hawks vs Islanders and this question popped into my head. Typically "North Siders" like the Cubs and "South Siders" like the Sox (which obviously is not all encompassing- I also think certain demographics and socioeconomic factors influence as well, which also is not all encompassing!) I was wondering- does ones birthplace influence what team New Yorkers typically like? Is it a socioeconomic thing? (For instance; what neighborhoods like Yankees vs Mets)?
Oct 2010
I don't think there is really a distinct or significant socioeconomic disparity between Mets fans and Yankees fans like there is in Chicago. I think more rich folks like the Yanks than the Mets, but I really can't say there's any other distinct differences. There are geographical factors though. A poll a few years back showed that Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Islanders (despite the Yankees' low A team there) tended to lean toward the Mets while Manhattan and the Bronx leaned in favor of the Yankees. I generally think that most long-islanders support the Mets while people in Westchester and other areas upstate root for the Yankees. It's split in northern Jersey, I think.

There's really a lot of stuff to write here, but when you take the nine NY sports teams (yes, NJ and long island counts: NY metro area), people usually say there is a team that "runs the city." I suppose I'm a little disgruntled when I say that, since I'm a fan of the city's "second teams-" Mets, Jets, Nets, but the truth varies. There's no question that the Yankees are more popular than the Mets. You don't have to be a New Yorker to realize that. You can be in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Tampa, Los Angeles, Seattle, it doesn't matter- Yankees fans are everywhere. Within the city, it's more evenly matched, but obviously more people support the Yanks. It's certainly closer in popularity with the Jets and Giants, and though fans hate the other team, the rivalry seems less justified. Neither team has a highly-storied history by any means, so it's a different situation. The Knicks are massively more popular than the Nets are, but the Knicks' success has only been slightly better than the Nets'.
Sep 2007
Well Being from New York i can say that its really diverse and pretty random. I am a Yankee fan but my best friend is a Met fan and we live in the same area i guess it has to do with how and who raised us. I hope this answers your question
There really is no definite place that Mets or Yankees fans live. There are fans of both teams everywhere. For all of sports. Obviously, there are more Yankees fans in the Bronx, and more Mets fans in Queens. But, that's about it. There really is no place that is dominated by one teams' fans besides the Bronx, really. And that goes for all sports.