Now should the St Louis Rams fire their head coach?

Aug 2009
I'm sure they will not. They are in a division where 8 wins will put you in the playoffs. As an Eagles fan Im thinking the same thing with Andy Reid. The team is a mess and he is the architect of it.
I do think their latest loss will indeed make the case for this, however as I said before the Rams are not yet out of contention. Remember the NFC West is terrible and the weakest division in the NFL. So even at 0-3 or even 0-4 there is still a chance to rebound. I don't think the Rams are a great team by any means, and I do think the Rams will ultimately fire Spagnoluo. However, now is too early. I think Steve will fall in the same category of Leslie Fraizer, Todd Hayley and Tony Sporano. All of the coaches (unless they win more games) will likely be fired the week before week 8 or during their bye week. Firing the coaches now would prove to be disasterous. I agree on one thing, Spagnoluo hasn't handled the team very well but it isn't all of his fault. The team is inexperienced, the key positions are still needed, and they have injuries on offense. But his firing is likely to come within a few weeks time.