Pittsburgh Steelers, new fan here, and want some advice?

Aug 9, 2009
Hey guys. I recently took interest in NFL. After watching some streamed matches online, I just decided to get involved with the steelers. I was wondering a few things about them, for any fans that know:

Most liked player (by fans) of this season so far?
What channels the matches air on?
Times of most matches?

I'm in United Kingdom so stuff like American sports is really hard to watch, does ESPN or ESPN American show all the games?
@ Captain Obvious, thanks alot man. Yeah I mix up games and matches because I'm a soccer head in the UK. And yeah just wanted to know who the fans were digging at the moment. Thanks for the information !
Dec 1, 2011
Espn only show MONDAY NIGHT games at 8:30 and go to cbs at 1:00 for there games and keep watching them and you will get your player and good pick Steelers, very good there first in afc north
Jul 30, 2011
Most liked: nobody likes anyone from the steelers. It is a classless organization.

If you want to watch their games you will need to get an NFL package on cable. ESPN doesnt show many of their games.
Oct 18, 2010
A) Good choice...the Steelers rule
B) They're games...not matches
C) Don't go for the "most liked" player...choose your own.
D) The channel the games are on varies from week to week. This Sunday, they will be on CBS at 1pm EST.
E) Usually 1:00 EST, but due to the Steelers popularity, they frequently play games at 8:30PM EST as well.
F) ESPN only televises the Monday night games. The Steelers will be on ESPN on Dec.19 at 8:30 which will be about 1:30AM in the UK.
Dec 3, 2011
Most liked player is probably the Safety, Troy Polamalu (the guy with the cool hair). He's the best player on that team. They usually air on CBS. ESPN only does the Monday night games. I don't think you'll get the Steelers on CBS in the UK, though. You'll have to watch it on the internet. NFL games are on Sundays at 1, 4, and 8. Mondays at 8 (ESPN), Thursdays at 8 (NFL Network). (All Eastern Time Zone). You'll have to check each week which one they have. Here's their schedule: