poll: should i convert from a cleveland browns fan to a cincinnati bengals fan?

im sick of the bs from cleveland, and cincinnati is still in ohio, and there fun to watch, what do you think?
ya, thanx for the help people, its not like i was going to take it serious i was just going to take the poll and put it into my analyztion of what i want to do from the publics view, lighten up.
Oct 2009
u can do whatever u want lol its ur choice to admire a football team not ours

i personally would hate to be a browns fan myself[if i was]

brady quinn is a big disappointment

atleast they are doing slightly better with derek anderson
Oct 2009
I think they both suck, so it doesn't really matter. But if you have to choose one of the two, go with the Bengals. There is a remote chance of watching actual football there.
Jan 2009
are you serious you need others input on which teams you like?

do what ever you want and like who ever you like
My mashed potatos talked to me last night.

The peas were green with envy.

The carrot sticks blew their tops

and the chicken wing ran away with the corn

now i have no dinner.