Poll: Who is more ignorant Chicago Bears fans or Boise state fans? ?


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Sep 26, 2007
Bears fans still think they have a shot at the playoffs.....their two best players are out. Cutler is most likely out for the season and Forte is out 2-6 weeks. How do you expect to win games or have any sort of offense without them? Caleb Haine is horrid, he struggles to compete passes over 10 yards and he also often mistakes the opposing teams corners as his wide receivers. And why do you guys complain so much about lovie smith, he was coach when bears were in the super bowl and last year when they were one game away from the super bowl, so I'm pretty sure coaching isn't the problem....

Boise State fans- Most of you don't live in the state of Idaho, which means your band wagon fans. All you "Boise" fans do is whine and complain how you never get your fair shot at a BCS bowl or national championship. How do you except to go anywhere with the schedule you play and the conference you are a member of? I'm pretty sure the only team Boise beat this year that was of any caliber was Georgia, not to mention that was the first game of the season. So how do you except to make a BCS bowl with 1 loss against the teams you play? The fact of the matter is you can whine all you want about not getting in a BCS bowl going 11-1 when you actually start to play teams with winning records.

So who's more ignorant Boise or Bears fans?


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Jan 1, 2008
nothing is are as bad as patriots and ny fans. i mean i have a lot of them and everytime they lose, they discredit their loss because "of a cheap call" or "it was a fluke" and can never actually admit their team can lose a game. i have friend who are fans of other teams and i can honestly say no team is more spoiled than patriots fans. as for nyc sports fans, they have to be the worst. growing up in the nyc suburb, they talk so much sh*t if they win a game. they could be 1-0 in baseball and talk about having a giants/jets super bowl or a mets/yankees world series every year. but then they could be 13-1 (either sport) and say they are garbage, their qb/pitcher sucks and the manager/coach is god awful. even after the 2007 super bowl season, i think in 2008 or 2009, the giants started 6-0 and everyone in the nyc media was sucking their d*ck. granted they did finish 8-8 to miss the playoffs, after their 1st loss, they were all saying how terrible the giants were. same thing with the jets who havent won sh*t in the year they got brett favre. they were still 11-5 after being one of the worst teams the year before and none of their fans were satisfied with just improving. those dudes are ignorant. at least boise has a point in that theyve been dominating whoever they play for the most part (if not for their kickers). i guess so for the bears though.

Terry C.

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Jan 23, 2009
Most knowledgeable sports fans say Lions or 49ers fans...

PS: Don't let J Mag or JIm answer your questions as you will open yourself to an STD...


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Dec 10, 2009
All the bears have to do is beat the Vikings, Seahawks, and Broncos and then their in the playoffs. These three teams suck so their is a realistic opportunity for the bears to win even without cutler or forte especially because of how dominant the defense can be. If they can't beat these teams then they don't deserve to be in the playoffs.

From what I hear, bears fans complain more about mike martz and jerry angelo. Martz for not running the ball, not max protecting, and for calling 7 step drops so cutler can just get killed. Jerry for not assembling any talent around Cutler (with the exception of forte of course). Watching the bears offense today just shows how poorly a job he did assembling this team (no receivers and no line).

100% Steel

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Sep 23, 2010
Michigan fans for failing to see how overrated they are and how lucky they got this year. I can't wait until next year when they come crashing back down and OSU gets some nice revenge.


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Jun 3, 2011
Bears fans.

It not really Boise's fault they can't get name brand opponents scheduled. They keep trying, but the big schools want nothing to do with them. And think about it, what's in it for the big schools. If they win, it's because Boise shouldn't even be playing them. And if they lose, it's you just got beat by tiny little Boise State. So why would they want to schedule them?