Predictions for AFC East?

Sep 2007
I am a Pats fan, but even looking at it from just a football fan I believe that New England has the AFC East on lockdown. They will win the AFC East. The Jets are a good football team as much as i hate them, but they do not have the players or the coaching staff to have a better season then New England. ALSO, take a peek at the Dolphins roster! Reggie Bush? Ricky Williams? Brandon Marshall? I think that the Dolphins are going to surprise some people and will be battling NYJ for second place. The AFC East has a ton of talent. My prediction. Patriots take it. Dolphins battle it out with New York. and Bills, well, weak link.
Sep 2007
I wish (still possible)
1.Patriots 16-0 (19-0)
2.Jets 9-7
4.Dolhins 8-8
5.bills 4-12
but real predictions
1.Patriots 14-2
2.Jets 10-6
3.Dolphins 8-8
4.Bills 4-12
Dec 2007
Reggie bush is overrated and always has been. The jets will take the division, new england will get the wild card. Bills and dolphins will battle it out for 3 and 4th place
Sep 2007
I see the AFC East playing out 2 ways:

1. Pats. Win division and loose late in the playoffs
2. Jets. Get in as a wild card
3. Dolphins
4. Bills. Get top 5 draft pick for next year.


1. Jets. Win division and loose late in the playoffs
2. Pats. Get wild card and play late in the playoffs
3. Dolphins
4. Bills

I see either the Pats or Jets securing a top 2 playoff spot and having home field advantage.
Oct 2010
As much as I hate to say it the Pats are the Pats. Until Tom Brady Retires or Belicheck leaves they will have over 10 wins AT LEAST more like 12 or more. They will more than likely win the division because as Rex Ryan said, "We need the rest of the league to step up and beat you guys"...not going to happen for awhile. The Jets Look like they would be the only team in the division to challenge you guys, maybe split the two regular season games like they have the last couple of years. Miami stinks, No real QB (Although I like Henne), Bush is not an every down back, Ricky Williams is actually in Baltimore now, no real Offense although Marshall's pretty good and the same goes for their defense, not too bad. Buffalo seems like they could actually overtake Miami for the 3rd spot though, but both teams are honestly pretty bad.
NE-Wins Division
NYJ-Wild Card
It's gotta be the Pats! Bills, not! (though Merriman looks pretty awesome so far). Dolphins will be better this season but their defense is pretty awful. Jets are the best competition but I have a feeling Sanchez will be making a lot of bad choices this season, and knowing Rex he'll bench him and destroy their season. Hoe can you root against Bill & Tom?!!??!
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