Rank these AFC East WRs?

Feb 2009
Deion Branch
Wes Welker
Chad Ochocinco
Brandon Marshall
Davone Bess
Steve johnson

Oh, and to save you time, you don't have to rank the Jets guys. We all know they are going to be towards the end anyway.
Jan 2010
Brandon Marshall
Santonio Holmes
Wes Welker
Stevie Johnson
Chad Ochocinco
Plaxico Burress
Derek Mason
Davone Bess
Deion Branch
1. Welker
2. Branch
3. Ocho
4. Marshall
5. Johnson
6. Bess
7. Every other guy on the Dolphins and Bills
8. Santonio Holmes, Mason, and Plax
Jun 2011
1) Brandon Marshall- He's a beast. His numbers were down last year because of injuries and erratic qb play but he still ranked 6th in receptions and crossed 1,000 yards

2) Wes Welker- When healthy he is almost impossible to cover. His best days are probably behind him but he's still a top 3 slot receiver.

3) Davone Bess- I actually think he's a better slot guy than Welker, just not as proven. More durable and better hands. Imagine if he had a guy like Brady throwing to him.

4) Steve Johnson- He had a great season but is still an up and down player. A little more consistancy and he could move up a spot or two.

5) Chad Ochocinco- Most of his skills have diminished with age but having Brady throwing to him will make all the difference. Wouldn't be suprised if he hits 1,000yds this season.

6) Deion Branch- Im not a big fan of Branch. He's more of a product of his system and qb than anything.