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Sep 20, 2018
New York
I need to know! First of all, I played pop warner. One year high school. I was an incredible qb. I later joined a semi-pro twam as a wide reciever. I get so pissed of watching nfl football! My question is: drves me crazy!! If you can touch a reciever within 5 yards. Why the fuck dont the dbs line up 7 yards off the reciever and simply knock him on his ass, taking out of the timing of the play???!!!No, they let him get up a head of steam, chase him to his completion???!! Knock him on his ass within 5 yards!! I just don't understand it!.....WTF. don't let him run his route. Knock him on his ass, take him out of the play! Why don't they do that??!! Most all of them are timing routes, so knock him on his ass, he's out of the play!! WTF??!! Why isn't that coachted?...

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