San Francisco 49ers last year's Atlanta Falcons?

Nov 2011
Great season this year, but will drop next year because of a tougher schedule. The only great team the 49ers (cheated) was the Detroit Lions, and it was only by 6 Points.


Oct 2011
Boo hoo, somebody is mad because the niners beat the lions in their den and the lions have not been the same since, the niners exposed the lions for the kitty cats they are.
Dude your still worried about the niners games when DA Bears just dropped the lions like a cheap whore at charlie sheens house. Lions fans are pissed because they know the niners exposed them as pretenders. IF THE REFS GAVE US 5 EXTRA YARDS THAN WHERE WAS THE LIONS COACHES TO CATCH THAT ERROR. GOOD COACHING WOULD HAVE POINTED THAT OUT TO THE REFS. FURTHER, IF WE WERENT GIVEN THOSE YARDS, THE LAST PLAY WAS 4 AND GOAL ON THE SIX YARD LINE, PUSH US BACK TO THE 11(TAKE AWAY THE FIVE YARDS) IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A 4TH And SIX ON THE 11 YARD LINE, THAT PASS TO DELANIE WALKER WHICH WAS A SIX YARD PASS WOULD HAVE SET US UP FOR A 1ST AND GOAL ON THE 5 YARD LINE WITH AROUND 2 MINUTES REMAINING. THEY WOULD HAVE SCORED REGARDLESS DOUCHE. You lion fans kept saying how Alex would be running for his life from your d line, GORE demolished that D line and bulldozed through it son. HATERS WILL ALWAYS HATE!!!
The 49ers cheated? LOLOLOL someone's still bitter about losing....the Niners have proved to be a great team already. Only time will tell if they can repeat this performance. The Lions are alright, they're doing well too but there's still the undefeated Packers.