Should Atlanta Falcon fans be proud that Garrett Hartley gave them the NFC South?

Sep 2007
Only for them to get TROUNCED by the Packers who never punted....
Who would have rather seen Hartley make a 28 yarder in week 3 to put away the birds, then watch the Pack come into New Orleans last week?
Sure the Saints got beat by Seattle (who did go 7-2 @ home this year).
With that missed field goal Matt Ryan is now 2-4 v Brees. It should be 1-5.
One made 28 yarder in week 3, and everything else stays the same: The Saints win the NFC South outright. Same record and two head to head wins.

Atlanta was the luckiest team of the year and didn't really do anything. All the praise ATL was getting would be shifted to the Saints with a very, very, very, short field goal. ATL was just in the right place & it all caught up with them last week. They weren't the better team in the NFC South. The Saints proved that in ATL on MNF. As long as Brees is back there, the Saints will have a good chance.

Packers v Saints would have been a far better game.
I am over it. I can't work due to my Sonicwall being down. I'm just killing time there Steeler fan.. BTW: What happened Haloween night?
ATL didn't cheat. I don't accuse any teams of cheating unless the league proves it.

Yes Seattle went 7-9 in the regular season, but overall: 7-2 @ home..

They couldn't win on the road, but did very well @ home, thousands of miles away from the vast majority of all NFL teams.