Should the coach of the St Louis Rams (Spagnolo) be on the hot seat?

Jan 2009
yes, even though a new coach might not do as well as most new coaches go, but, if the rams go 0-6 i think we will se a new coach. :)
I think the only reason why his win/loss total hasn't been an issue is because of how bad the NFC West is. Last season the Rams were essentially in playoff contention with a 7-8 record. However, they lost to the Seahawks eventually causing them to lose their playoff spot and ended with a 7-9 record. The Rams I think are much better than they have played, but they have lost the first two because their offense is not in sync. They don't have a running game since Steven Jackson their best running is out due to injury, which means they have limited production. Their WR's need to make more plays, and I think Sam Bradford has lost a bit of his level of play since last season. He's also not 100% healthy which means his production will also suffer.

I think the Rams will evaluate Spagnolo once the mid season comes. The only reason I can see him being on the hot seat before then is if they remain winless for 6 more weeks. But if he can get the team to put together a 4-4 or 3-5 record which is still good enough to remain competitive in the NFC West, then I think he is safe. But the NFC West is the weakest division, so even at 0-2 any team has a chance, unless the Cardinals or 49'ers suddenly become dominant which I think is a bit of a stretch.