Should the New York Jets draft....?

Jan 2009
Should the New York Jets draft a QB? I'm a huge jets fan and think they have the talent to get to the Superbowl, but Mark Sanchez I think is holding us back! Sometimes Sanchez is great and he fools us into thinking he is the franchise quarterback for years to come. Then he will go out and throw for 0 touchdowns 165 yards 1 interception and 50% completion rate. I can't stand sitting here letting Sanchez do as worse as a 2nd string Quarterback! Do you think that they should trade him or possibly draft a Quarterback such as Robert Griffin III or something!?
Sep 2010
They will not give up on Sanchez this early. He was a high first-round pick and the rest of the team has been covering for him up to this point. I don't think he is the answer and I think he will end up as a backup QB eventually, but they won't ditch him until they give him longer to prove himself and the teams starts losing.
they need a freaking run game....shonne greene offseason game was all he did....even LT right now is way better than overrated greene....they need to draft trent richardson so they can have a legit run game to complement, so sanchez can have some breathing room and play...
No. Mark has been improving, and there's just too many other glaring needs (like free safety, an every down pass rushing linebacker, a right tackle and a big, athletic wideout).