Should the St. Louis Rams fire head their head coach now?

I think the Rams will take the same stance that the Dolphins have taken with Tony Sporano and that is to keep him through the bye week. I don't think Spagnulo is the best coach for the Rams because the team is obviously under-achieving. However it isn't his fault in the sense that the losses have occured due to many defficiencies that the team has. The team lacks offensive production because they don't have options at the WR position. Their RB situation is still unstable because of Steven Jackson being less than healthy, and the o-line is amongst the worst in the NFL. The only upside is the defense.

I think the Rams are giving Spagnolu a chance to turn things around before week 8. One thing I have noticed is that most coaches that are fired are usually fired after week 8 or at the end of the season. Firing a coach right now when it is early can be costly to the team because it can mean a further degradation of team morale and it means a mess on your hands in terms of team structure. Should he be fired? Well I don't want anyone to lose their job, but in the Rams case I think he will and I think the Rams need a better suited coach. Spagnlulo was a better defensive coordinator than head coach.
Sep 2007
I'm not sure why people are blaming the head coach. Did anybody ever think that maybe the Rams just aren't good? And completely overachieved last year...Just a thought.