St. Louis Rams #1 pick, what would you do?

Sep 2007
If the Rams get the number one pick in 2012, which is a strong possibility, what should they do with it?
Sep 2007
so sad if they'd have to trade down. Luck is a once in 20 years opportunity, but if the Rams don't have the O-Line, running game and receivers to capitalize on him, it'd make sense to trade down. (I'm not saying they'd need a great O-line, running game and receivers -- obviously, if they did, they wouldn't be the worst team, but they'd need *something*)
Sep 2007
Trade down. No other option. You could probably get like a 1,2,3,4 and 5 for it. It'd be a win/win because the Rams need to improve in so many areas. They could improve their O line and D line to the point where they could actually start winning games if they were able to get the 1st pick and make a huge trade.
Definitely trade down. They'll be several teams wanting to give up a lot for the chance to draft Luck. Especially with the reduction in rookies' salary, more teams will be able to afford him. Trade back a few picks, get a top receiver (Oklahoma State's Justin Blackmon or South Carolina's Alshon Jeffrey), and stock pile picks for later rounds and next year's draft.
Dec 2010
Trade it, some team will break the bank to draft Luck or Landry Jones, and the Rams need multiple picks so they can get some receivers and o-line in there.
Oct 2007
Trade Down. If Luck committs to this draft that #1 pick will be worth an outrageous amount. They could probably get 3-4 first round picks.
If they can't trade out I would say either Quentin Copples who is a great DE, or Matt Kalil from USC who is a can't miss tackle prospect.