T/F, Peyton Manning is the NFL version of a Player-Manager?

Sep 2011
This thought is coming from M. Diego's question.

Manning has all the traits of a player-coach. He has a deep understanding of the game, he can read defenses easily, he knows every offensive and defensive formation. He is probably the best pure passer in NFL history, and has the physical ability and arm strength to make all of the throws. On top of that he has the respect of many people around the NFL.
Jan 2010
True. Couldn't agree more. Just more reasons why I think he should win MVP every year since the Colts are nothing without him, as this season showed. I'll even say he's the greatest QB ever.

Edit: Parasite is right. Just let Peyton Manning literally become a player coach... he'll do better than Caldwell.
Sep 2011
If he isn't, then he is as close as we are going to get, because no one in NFL history has had such a great understanding of both his offense and the defense he was playing against.
Nov 2011
I'm not sure why the Colts bother to pay Caldwell, they are better off without a head coach and just letting Peyton do everything