The AFC East and NFC East play each other this year. Which division will do...

Oct 2010
...better in the match up? Patriots, Jets, Dolphins and Bills against the Eagles, Giants, Cowboys and Redskins.
Aug 2009
NFC east will do better. I mean dont get me wrong the pats and jets arer better then any of thsoe teams. But Dallas, NY, and Philly will all beat the dolphins and bills each time.
Jan 2009
Great Season it will be.

Patriots and Jets will get the better of Giants and Redskins.

Eagles and Cowboys could beat them both.

I would split it down the middle. but....

I am going with the NFC East.
Patriots and Jets will win alot of games, but the nfc east can win more.
Feb 2008
Actually, the most important variable in this equation is Miami.
If Miami isn't improved any, the Eagles, Giants and Cowboys will come out better as a whole.
But, If Miami brings it, it will be even as can be.
Pats will sweep, Jets will go 2-2 Dolphins will go 1-3 Bills will go 1-3

Eagles will go 3-1 Cowboys will go 3-1 Giants will go 2-2 Redskins will go 0-4

They will split overall, but Pats will domo

i think i did the math right...
Aug 2011
Pats sweep jets beat everybody but the eagles dolphins beat redskins and the bills lose all four so that mean the AFC wins 8 games and the nfc wins 8 it is 8-8