The Cincinnati Bengals what is up with attendance?

Jan 2010
The players are asking the fans to show up for games and they might get into the playoffs why are there so many empty seats. True fans show win or loose.

is Paul Brown the reason because that would make perfect sense and a lot of people around the NFL do not like him at all and I know a lot of fans dont' either. So whats up please explain ????
Dec 2011
It's not about being true fans. The fans have shown up since 1991 and only seen 3 winning seasons. They've only made the playoffs twice.

Mike Brown, the owner, has swindled the city into a crippling agreement and lease with the stadium that hurts the city, its employees, and tax payers. He promised a winning team and has only provided one 3 times. The fans are tired of supporting a man who has not hired a GM, improved scouting , or done anything other than line his pockets with money.

Mike Brown thinks he knows football and has proven to everyone but himself he is not the football man his father was.

This is not about loyalty to a team. It's about a loyal group of fans tired of seeing their team's owner squander the team's chances year in and year out. They'd like their team to have the same chance as the other 31 NFL teams have.
Oct 2007
I think the simple answer is it's just a history thing...when was the last time the Bengals were actually winners? They are one of those franchises that just never seems to compete over the years. Fans in that area have plenty of other sports and teams to cheer for!