Wats ur opinion on the AFC NORTH tough division? Who wins the division?


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Sep 27, 2007
there the only division in football w/ 3 team w/ atleast 4 wins.
Bengals have the #1 Defense in the league though is that a fluke?

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Jan 31, 2008
The Ravens have been the beasts of this division this year, the Steelers appear to be coming on so we'll see. The Bengals are the 3rd best team in the division with a good D. I expect the Ravens to run away with this division as the weather turns cold and have it wrapped up by week 15.
First and for most, The Bengals aren't that good. beaten 1 team with a winning record

The division will be won by either the Ravens(My team) or the Steelers.

I have the Ravens winning it tho

Edit: The Defense was good last year too...They went 4-12? So... Also, they have a rookie Quarterback and a Rookie Receiver. I don't trust their offense against other teams in the AFC north(Ravens and Steelers)
Oct 10, 2011

steelers are terrible and should be 2-4 since they almost lost to two of the worst nfl teams. the steelers reign of greatness is over.
Ravens will take that division Pittsburghs time is UP! Ya heard??? They gettong old and the O-lineis banged up. CIncy is doing OK yea yea yea the Redhead Dalton dont want none of what T-sizzle n Ngata got coming 4 him so i dont wanna hear bout that.

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