WEEK 11: Should I start Blaine Gabbert vs the Cleveland Browns? Phillip...

Nov 20, 2011
...Rivers? Carson Palmer? Josh Freeman? and for RUNNING BACK:
Jackie Battle, Chris Ogbonnaya, or Roy Helu?

Ahmad Bradshaw may still be hurt and Gore will be starting...
Nov 20, 2011
Because of talent I'd start Rivers.
I'd start Helu as he was pretty good against the Cowboys last meeting.
But check Gore's status because he's a really valuable back.
Sep 26, 2011
You should not even be considering Gabbert or Freeman. At ALL.

Rivers faces the Bears this week. If the Bears play like they did against DET, Rivers is in for a long day. I would avoid that risk. Palmer is the best choice of those 4.

Battle. Easy choice. Shouldn't be considering Ogbonnaya at ALL. Shanahan is making decisions on LSD or something- I wouldn't trust any WAS RB at this point. Helu might get 25 touches, or he might get 5. Too risky.