What did you think about the Chicago Bears' 3 announcements today?

Oct 28, 2007
Today the Chicago Bears fired GM Jerry Angelo, offensive coordinator Mike Martz resigned and they for who knows why Love Smith is still head coach. I think it has been long time due of Smith being fired, they missed the playoffs for 4 out of the last 5 seasons. Love Smith took them to the playoffs twice, first time took them all the way to the Superbowl, and lost. 2nd time they made all the way NFL championship game and lost to the Green Bay Packers which would be the 2010 season. He needs to go, and so does "baby" Jay Culter who can't play because he broke his thumb. I bet Brett Favre would have still played even with a broken thumb. Okay I take it back if what I was looking at is true, Love Smith has actually had 3 winning teams, but none good enough to win a Superbowl. He has a record of 71-57. The Chicago Bears under his watch have only made it to the playoffs back 2 back once 2005 and 2006. If Love Smith's future was only my own decision and nobody else's, he would have been gone today. I have news for you Mr. McCasey you keep him on as head coach for the next 5 seasons, they will continue I will think to miss playoffs more then to make them. It could be another 45 out of 5 seasons. I nor anybody can correctly predict what the Bears' future will look like in the next 5 seasons if Love Smith stays on as head coach. So what did you think do you think the right 2 people left today, or do you even think Love Smith should have been shown the door two should he have been out yes or no why or why not, and why or why not did the right 2 people leave the team.

Chev M

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Jan 31, 2009
they would lose to much money in smiths contract as far as martz leaving i think he is looking for a head coaches job and as far as cutler goes isnt that why denver let him go because of his whinning gms get the boot first but i also predict if smith doesnt produce a playoff team next year he will be gone
Dec 1, 2011
I think the Bears dont want to be like the Lions of the 90's and 00's bringing in a new coach every 3 seasons, and so they are too optimistic of Lovie Smith, I dont know how Losing a Superbowl grants a coach Tenure as you pointed out. I do believe that Mark was the dumbest idea I have ever heard of... but I mean as long as I have been watching football Chicago has never mustered an offense that matches his philosophy. I dont know if its the Wind, the out door field, or what but they are best when they have had a runnig game and defense... Name the best wr from chicago by season, or every 5 or decade... yeah.... point made. I was thinking if Norv Turner had been fired hed made an excellent o-coordinator for Chicago and also if they stink it up... theres ur experienced interm coach... but alas... not happening... It really is too bad because they had a talented defense that probably wont be remembered because they just didnt get it to mesh for rings..


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Jun 3, 2011
Lovie Smith never had the right priorities in the first place. When he was hired he said his number one job was to beat the Green Bay Packers.

Meanwhile the Packers number one job was getting a Lombardi.

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