What division will be more competitive this season? AFC South or NFC West?

Mar 2010
this easily goes to the NFC south. now that the cardinals are relying on matt lienart they playoff spot in this division is up for grabs the 49ers are a team with a very solid defense the only missin piece is a decent QB the seahawks are much improved under pete carrol and his excellent draft and the rams are also doing better with their future by drafting a young QB who is more accurate than a couple of QBS in the league right now! However The AFC south will be competitive as well....but only among the teams that are not the colts
Mar 2010
AFC South, they have better teams that put on much more entertaining games than the 3 teams that have issues like the CArds, hawks, and rams. While the Colts, TExans, and Titans should put up good games with their great offenses.
Feb 2008
AFC South for sure.
Colts are the Colts.
Texans are putting it all together, and if the defense can get on the offense's level, look out.
Titans are going to make some noise for sure. Those 3 teams should be battling close for the divison for sure.
The NFC West is going to suck big time. The Cards were the best in that division until Warner left, now they will be as bad as the other 3 teams.
May 2010
The AFC South without a question as all 4 of those teams are physical and have some talent and coul challenge for the division as well while the NFC West will come down to the Cardinals and 49ers as the Seahawks and Rams are both rebuilding.


Jan 2008
Definitely the AFC south. The 49ers, Rams, and Seahawks suck, thus are largely irreverent in that division.