What do the Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets have in common?

Nov 2007
Their defense wins games but their QB's hand it back to the other team.
Yeah i agree, im a eagles and ravens fan. more to the eagle side. but yeah ravens loss to jaguars was wtf???
Lol never did i say i was hating on these two teams. Ravens is my second favourite and Jets is kinda my third. KIND OF


Jan 2009
im a ravens fan and i get so angry at them theyre trained to win against the best of the best but they struggle to vs a simple team i mean the seahawks just ran the ball and jackson just threw it to lynch on 3rd down and they won like that but i dont think its the qbs fault i mean or rb had 5 carries its the o.corrdinators fault but the jets simply are overrated rex ryan puts too much prressure and expects them to play better than what they can.