what happened to the st.louis rams i thought they were favorites in the nfc west?

Oct 2010
so anyway the rams looked like a one win team today against the eagles today what happened does that change ur mind about them and now the cardinals will win the nfc west did u see them today they were elite
Aug 2010
The NFC West still stinks and the Rams are still favored. They should destroy the competition in the division.
Jan 2008
The NFC West is the weakest division in the league in which anyone of the 4 teams could win the division. The Cardinals, Rams, Seahawks all lost except for the 49ers who one due to special teams. Its anyones division.
Sep 2011
If you figure the Rams have one of the toughest schedule in the NFL for the first 8 weeks
(Green Bay, Baltimore, the Giants at New York, Saints, and Dallas at home. If they are able to stay healthy, Protect Sam Bradford, find a way to start catching the football, and keep Stephen Jackson and Cadillac Williams as integral to their two headed rushing attack.

However after week one Rams have had a lot of injuries so far. They head to New York next for a monday night game in New York and the Giants already have lost on the road at Washington. With the injuries the Rams have already experienced going to New York next. Like I said, if the Rams have major injuries to contend with by the time they start conference play, they will have a huge hill to climb and probably won't recover.

If they find a way to keep everybody healthy and start catching the football they will win the division but those are some big IFs OH YEAH IT IS JUST WEEK ONE. And the eagles with mike vick gives most other teams fits.
Sep 2011
Its week 1
The Eagles are a good team
They have yet to play a conference game

No conclusions can be made at all