What If You was the GM of the Cincinnati Bengals?

Jan 2010
This is for all the Bengals fans only. What if you was the GM of this team during the draft and throughout the season? What kinds of changes would you make? Well If I was the General Manger I would probably trade Chad Ochocinco and Carson Palmer for a 1st round or a 2nd round draft pick but here's my Mock Draft for this team:

1st rd. 4th pick: Da'Quan Bowers or A.J Green
2nd rd. 35th pick: Ryan Mallet
2nd rd. ???th pick(trade): Akeem Ayers or Jonathan Baldwin
3rd rd. 66th pick: Daniel Thomas

I really don't wanna do the entire mock draft, but I really like Mallet in the second round not for character issues but I like his throwing ability. What do you guys think? Put some ideas in and please don't make fun of my mock draft or ideas lol!!!!!!!
Mar 2011
That actually sounds pretty good, I like Ochocinco and he is an excellent receiver but I feel he may be overrated so I'm definitely with you on the trade. Might make T.O. play better too. Not only that, if I was the GM, I'd be fricken rich!!!
May 2009
welll, they dnt have a gm, what if i was paul brown the owner.............. but id get a Qb and deal palmer while he has value and build a Defense then

Id get gabbert or try. Next i really like Locker of of Washingotn. trade Palmer and get more young picks and build a d that can stop someone consistently.