What is your favorite NFL team?(:?

Sep 2011
For the fourth year in a row, the Dallas Cowboys are the most popular team in the NFL.

So says the Harris Poll, whose 2,620 online adult voters ranked the Indianapolis Colts second, Green Bay Packers third, Pittsburgh Steelers fourth and New Orleans Saints fifth. The Oakland Raiders are up four spots from last year to No. 17, and the San Diego Chargers are down six to No. 20. The Jacksonville Jaguars remain the least popular team.

But let's put those results to the test. With no home-team bias, we should make a pretty good sample pool. Vote for your favorite team and leave a comment telling us why you voted the way you did (yes, this is an open invitation to talk some trash; just remember to keep it clean).
Jan 2009
Steelers, all the way,

I have no problem with the Cowboys, I used to watch them during their preseason practice, when it was in Thousand Oaks Ca.(the local college)
Then Jerry Jones bought the team and ruined it.
he has run every decent coach he's had, out of town.
I have no respect for him.

I feel bad for the fans,
they went about 14 years without a single playoff win.
If JJ stays out of the way, they "might" have a chance this year.
Sep 2011
1. Denver Broncos - My home team
2. Dallas Cowboys - My beat friend got me attached.
3 Detroit Lions(Hate Suh!!!) - jumped on the wagon at the beginning of the season
Nov 2007
#2.San Fran 49Er's
#4.Packers-I always liked the Packers before Rodgers became QB. i was super pissed that they traded Favre to Jets.
Jan 2013
Cleveland Browns Baby..... The Browns may not be the best (Yet) but its funny how many people on here are only fans of teams that win. I wonder what a thread like this will look like when a new team starts to win.... Bunch of front runners