what should tennessee titans do about qb position ?

Feb 2010
Draft is soon. IMO, Gabbert and Newton will be gone. Christian Ponder in 2nd may be a steal, but what about Locker ? Who fits our team ? If FA opens up, do you think anyone would be a good fit (Carson Palmer ?).
I'm not sold on Gabbert and Newton, even if they are available. I'm hoping Patrick Peterson or Von Miller are tjere, and Locker is there for them in the second round. They could bring in a veteran to play a few years and teach Locker (or whichever QB they draft), until he's ready. Hopefully we'll have an Aaron Rodgers-type situation going on there by then.
Mar 2011
Carson Palmer I think would be a good fit. FA will open up - This lockout will end soon enough. I think Tenessee has a decent team that is just missing a few positions. Unfortunately that one position is QB. They have a great pass rush, a great running game, and a decent secondary. I don't follow the titans that much because I couldn't stand Jeff fisher or VY, but I do think they could use a wide receiver.