What was the Baltimore Ravens thinking when they let all of Joe Flacco's target go?


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Sep 10, 2007
Derek Mason was Flacco's security blanket his first three years
Todd Heap was helpful in the passing game
besides boldin, who is joe flacco going to pass the ball too?


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Feb 18, 2009
I am not sure, the Ravens have the easiest schedule of any team that made the playoffs last year.... this is an easy opportunity to take the AFC North.

Perhaps they were disappointed in how their complete and balanced team did not dominate the AFC, and they gave up on the idea.

King Of NJ

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Sep 14, 2009
They did it to free up $18million in cap space. What they did with that cap space I didn't like though and thought it was a poor move

They got much worse on offense. Now only Anquan Boldin and TJ Houshmanzadeh(who didn't do that great last year) are the only real targets. They also gave up their power running game and short yardage back in Willis McGahee. Also lost Kevin Gregg on D

The Ravens out of all the contenders took the biggest step back

Joe Flacco struggled with that much help last year at times and hell have less help this year