What will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting lineup look like this upcoming year?

Aug 6, 2011
I see the 2011 bucs kinda like the 2002 bucs cause they have a great safety with tanard jackson just like 02 dexter jackson but we dont have a jon lynch and our linebacking core could be better now theres no ruud and geno hayes is like a derrick brooks then we got good corners and we actually have a good looking qb then the running back is really good with an above average recieving core and our o line is pretty good then the d line is excelent but what do you think? and what will the starting lineup be?

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Dec 29, 2009
Compare the 11 Bucs to the 02 Bucs? Challenge accepted.
QB: Josh Freeman > Brad Johnson
HB: LeGarrette Blount > Michael Pittman
FB: Erik Lorig < Mike Alstott
WR1: Mike Williams < Keyshawn Johnson (Williams will be better soon.)
WR2: Arrelious Benn < Keenan McCardell (Same deal as Williams.)
TE: Kellen Winslow > Ken Dilger
LT: Donald Penn > Roman Oben
LG: Ted Larsen > Kerry Jenkins
C: Jeff Faine > Jeff Christy
RG: Davin Joseph > Cosey Coleman
RT: James Lee > Cornell Green
Overall, the 2011 offense is way better.

RE: Adrian Clayborn < Simeon Rice
DT: Gerald McCoy < Warren Sapp
NT: Roy Miller = Anthony McFarland
LE: Da'Quan Bowers < Greg Spires (They have potential to be better, the rookies haven't played yet.)
WLB: Geno Haynes < Derrick Brooks (Talk about a mismatch.)
MLB: Mason Foster/Tyrone McKenzie < Shelton Quarles
SLB: Quincy Black > Alshermond Singleton (Even I had to look that one up. lol)
CB1: Aqib Talib < Ronde Barber
CB2: Ronde Barber < Brian Kelly
FS: Tanard Jackson = Dexter Jackson
SS: Cody Grimm < John Lynch (Talk about a mismatch.)
The defense isn't as good as it was in 2002, but how many are?

K: Connor Barth < Matrin Gramatica
P: Michael Koenen > Tom Tupa
R: Michael Spurlock > Aaron Stecker/Karl Williams
The special teams should be better than the 02.

Obviously, we have some of developing to do before we reach the 2002 caliber, but we'll get there. I think we'll win Super Bowl 47.
Edit: Greg, you either have never watched a Bucs game, or are retarded. Tanard Jackson is average? Name me 10 better free safeties. How is LeGarrette Blount not a great runningback? He got over 1,000 yards on just 7 starts! Even better? He did it with the Bucs o-line! What else do you want from him!? Geno Hayes will never be as good as Derrick Brooks; few linebackers are. Barrett Ruud was NOT our best linebacker. In fact, he was the worst. Geno Hayes was really good at times, just inconsistent. Quincy Black was consistent, but didn't have a lot of big plays. Ruud was a wimp. A no-name at SS? You do realize Cody Grimm had a really good rookie year, don't you? Just because he's not a household name, doesn't mean he's not a good safety. Again, he's not John Lynch, but very very few safeties are that good. Our cornerbacks are AVERAGE!!??? HOW DARE YOU!!?? Aqib Talib had a Pro Bowl caliber year. Ronde Barber is not overrated. Like Champ Bailey, he's past his prime, but still a solid contributor. OUR PASS DEFENSE WAS 6TH IN THE NFL LAST YEAR!!! Considering we had no good pass rushers last year, it was the secondary that got the job done. I don't think AVERAGE dbs can do that!


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Oct 8, 2007
I'm obviously not going to get best answer because I completley disagree with everything you just said, and I'm going to analyze everything you just said. Tanard Jackson is a slightly above average safety with potential, and so was dexter so I'll agree with you there. But then you act like not having lynch is no big deal, but at the time he was in the prime of a hall of fame worthy career, your strong safety now is a noname, im not even sure I wanna say sean jones, and hes mediocre. Your corners are a little above average, talib is good and barbers average, ovverated though he's body cant keep up. Then Blount is not a really good running back he's just good. I can name 10 running backs off the top of my head better than him easily. And your linerbacking core is only mediocre. Losing Rudd, your best linebacker, is kinda a big deal. And you sound ridiculous acting like Geno Hayes, a 4th year linebacker can be compared with derrick brooks?? you kidding me, brooks is a top 10 all time linebacker, hayes has potential to be a few time pro bowler if even, in a few years. Your receiving core is just average compared to the rest of the nfl. Mike williams is good, benn is below average. Your qb is very good, top 10, he's the one great thing about the bucs you downplayed. Then don't forget the 02 bucs had two top dlineman, sapp and rice. The 11' bucs? mccoy, who still needs a lotta work, bowers, will take more than 1 year to get good, clayborns gonna take a little awhile. I mean cmon the bucs are a good team, but comparing them to a superbowl team? They might go 10-6. Listen to yourself, do you really think theyre better than the saints, falcons, eagles, packers, steelers, patriots, ravens, colts, jets?