What's wrong with the Atlanta Falcons?

Sep 2011
I can't seem to find why they're playing like a 4-12 team. In fact, if it weren't for all those turnovers they got against the Eagles, they could be 0-3. What's their deal? How do you go from the #1 seed to this? They got rid of draft picks for a receiver that is no threat to anyone. Ryan is getting hit nearly every play. In fact, if you weren't a fan of the Falcons, it's almost humorous how badly their offense played against Tampa. Super Bowl aspirations are looking more like just hopes of getting a playoff spot.

And don't say it's just week 3. Green Bay and New Orleans looks like they're unbeatable, and both are SB contenders. The Falcons, who were a Super Bowl favorite, and looking like complete crap. Losing a division game this early, to what many would say an inferior Tampa team, makes me not even think they will compete this year.
Sep 2007
Things just seem to happen like that in the NFL. A team looks really good from outside; they had a good record last season, they return most of their starters and added one or two studs, etc. Then they just fail to produce as expected.

Obviously it all starts with the O-line. If Ryan is getting hit every play, they're not protecting him very well (or he's holding onto the ball too long). If they can get it together, they can still make noise in this league.
It's got something to do with the Lockout / Strike. If you notice there's a lot of teams who should be bottom of the league that are actually winning this year. It's only week 4 so don't give up hope.

Julio Jones is a joke, I'd rather have TE Brian Finneran out there.
May 2009
The Falcons have been a little hyped for the past few years.

I would say they are an 8-9 win team this season.