Which Atlanta Falcons game should I take my boyfriend to for his birthday?

Sep 2011
I am planning on taking my boyfriend to a Falcon's game for his birthday. It has to be a home game for the Falcons because neither of us have the time or money to travel very far and Atlanta is only a couple of hours away and we have a place to stay for free there. Here are the options: vs. New Orleans Saints, Tennessee Titans, Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

I would like to know which would be the best game to go to as far as it being a "good" game. And I would also like you to rate the 5 games in order of which ones you'd most like to attend from greatest to least. Thanks!
**No, the Falcons aren't his favorite team so he won't be depressed if they lose (lol). I chose them because of Atlanta's proximity to us (we're in Alabama). His favorite team is the Colts, but when the Falcons play them it'll be in Indiana. However, he's a huge sports fan and loves football and he watches every game so he won't care which one. I'm sure he'll be excited to go to any game, but I do want to choose the best one I can. From what I'm hearing, most people are favoring Falcons vs. Saints, and giving a huge thumbs down to Falcons vs. Jags. I guess it's time to start looking for tickets!!
Your best bet would be to go to either the Falcons-Saints game or the Falcons-Buccaneers game as those would be good games. The other teams aren't that good and he would be bored watching them play.
Jan 2011
Is his favorite team the Falcons? If so, take him to the Jags game. You don't want to take him to a game they might lose only to have him pissed off for the ride home. Or if you don't care about that, take him to the Saints game. Good games are always fun to watch.

If his favorite team is one of those 5 teams that you listed as options, take him to that one.

If none of these teams are his favorite, then take him to the Saints game, since it would be the best game.

1. Saints. I don't like them and would love to see them lose in person (if they did lose).
2. Titans. Chris Johnson is one of my favorite players in the NFL.
3. Vikings. Adrian Peterson has some major swag.
4. Bucs. I like Blount, but could care less about the Bucs themselves.
5. Jags. Could care less for anyone on their team, except I do kinda like MJD. And it's obviously going to be a big blowout, but since I'm not a Falcons fan, I could care less about it.
Oct 2009
go for the game against the Saints. The Saints are the closest thing the Falcons have to a rival and they are the two best teams in the division so that game will probably critical in the division race.

here I'll rate them for you.
1.) Saints (rivalry and playoff implications)
2.) Bucs (could also be considered a rivalry, and also has playoff implications although probably not as important as the Saints game. Good 2nd choice if you can't find cheap tix to the Saints)
3.) Vikings (You'll get to see the best RB in the NFL live as an incentive. They aren't that good but the game has the potential to be good)
4.) Titans (same as the Vikings, you get to see an elite RB but other than that there isn't much reason to go. The game could be good but it probably won't)

9999999999.) Jaguars (don't go to this one, the Jags are godawful. If you want a guaranteed win then maybe you should pick this one, but if you want a "good" game and possibly to see some talent on the other team then avoid the hell out of this one. It has boring and blowout written all over it.)


Mar 2008
Too bad you cannot go to the Green bay game or the Carolina. Saints would be the cat's meow as those two teams have been fighting since day one. I remember as a kid watching the entire benches clear out and have fights in the field like the baseball players do. LOL Matter of fact Atlanta Had new Orleans numbers for 17 game sin a row, they always covered the spread. When NO balked at giving the morton Anderson, their great field goal kicker a million, Atlanta picked him up for 900,000. The next games that NO played Atlanta were decided by a FG and guess who was kicking the winner, yep Morton!

So that is the top as far as fighting and not liking each other and no holds barred. They will want revenge against TB big time, not much with the Jags cooking right now, minnesota would have to go and see how Donovan does against them but that my order. Tenn would be defense and sorta slow.

So for all out effort and fun game the Saints and take some beads and throw em to them after the Falcons win. LOL
Nov 2011
As far as it being a good game, I would suggest the one against the Saints. The Falcons-Saints games are always super close and very entertaining. The one against the Bucs would probably be pretty good too though. As far as which ones I would want to go see...1) Saints 2)Bucs 3)Titans 4)Vikings 5)Jags