Which team is more likely to push for the playoffs and why?? Tennesse Titans or...

Dec 2011
...New York Jets? They are both currently in the hunt, I am just wondering which team do you believe can make the push to get into the playoffs?
Jul 2009
So, the Jets have Washington (away), Chiefs (home), Eagles (away), Giants (doesn't matter), and Miami (away).

Washington isn't terrible at home (2-3), and the Jets haven't exactly been dominating people. I'd put that game in favor of Washington. The Chiefs will likely have Orton as starter by the time the Jets play, so while I wouldn't call the Jets underdogs, the Chiefs won't exactly be pushovers in that game. The Eagles will be able to run on the Jets, so that game could really go either way, and I don't think Sanchez can put up points against those ball hawks in the secondary of Philly. Giants game is going to be a win for the Giants....the Giants DL will eat up the OL, and Manning will tear up the weak secondary of the Jets. Also, Miami is a tough game as well, though I'm not sure who will win.

If I was a betting man, I'd bet the Jets go about 2-3 in this next stretch, making them 8-8. I don't see 8-8 doing it, with the Jets losing almost every tie breaker imaginable.

Titans have a better shot, since they play Buffalo, Indy, and Jax, giving them 9 wins.