Who are the Baltimore Ravens most likely to draft in 2012: a replacement for...


Dec 2, 2007
...Matt Birk, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed? If you think it will be someone else or a different position, please say who or what! And give reasons plze.

Matt M

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Sep 16, 2007
Best player available, period. It might even be a running back ;) Ozzie Newsome knows what the hell he's doing.


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Jul 7, 2011
Not Birk, Gurode can hold it down for the next few years, Ed has 3-4 years left so it's a little early to think about that, I think they should go after a ILB since this is probably Rays last year, personally I want them to trade up a few spots and grab Manti Teo, dude is a beast and Ray will mold him into a great player, plus other than Jameel McClain theirs no other reliable ILB, so they have to find a replacement NOW.

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