Who do you think the Cincinnati Bengals SHOULD draft, but who do you think...

Jan 2008
...they WILL draft? Lowly Bungles fan here. Not even really a fan anymore, just like to laugh and point fun at whatever they do. Anyways....

If Cam Newton is available, I think they WILL take him but I think they SHOULDN'T because he just spells bust to me. He has all the talent in the world and that can't be argued but spread offense QB's tend not to do well in the NFL (see Vince Young) . If he's NOT available, they take most likely take A.J Green and SHOULD take him .

Mock For top 5 :
1.Cam Newton
2.Marcel Dareus
3. Von Miller/ Cam Newton if available
4. A.J Green/ Cam Newton if available
5. Blaine Gabbert, but they should take a defensive player i think b/c it's not worth taking a QB that high in this draft .
Don't like the Blaine Gabbert pick. He was a spread QB and rarely was under center. I think he is talented, but won't fit in to Jay Gruden's new West Coast system where the QB is often under center and the reads are more demanding than if 1st option or 2nd option isn't there just run. I like Christain Ponder or Ryan Mallett better. Ponder was in a west coast system and Mallet was in a pro style offense and was against tough defenses in the SEC and sometimes shredded them