Who do you think will win the NFC South?

Sep 2010
Although Brees had a bad year w/ interceptions..I still think he is one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the league and will have a great year this year.

Matt Ryan and the Falcons I think also has a great chance.

I'm not to convinced yet about the Bucs.

And then there is Cam Newton (if he gets a lot of playing time) and the Panthers.
Sep 2007
i agree with what u wrote. bucs maybe in a few years but rite now the division belongs to the saints and falcons. im saying the saints but i think it willl come down to whichever team does better in their division cause theres a good chance theyll have the same record. the panthers rnt even close yet but if cam newton does well theyll be future contenders
My pick is the Saints. Brees will have a great year, plus they signed some key DT's (Rogers, Franklin) to plug up that middle with Ellis. Saints take the division, going 12-4.


Sep 2007
I'm going with the Falcons. Roddy White and Matt Ryan are a great combination. If Julio is good then there is another weapon. There defense isn't great but they have the offense to put points on the board. Michael Turner will have another great year. I am anxious to see how well Darren Sproles does with the Saints. Hes not much of a game changer but you never know.
We're just going to have to see. Most of the teams have been somewhat quiet during free agency, I'll be curious to see what Cam Newton can do for the Panthers.