Who is the better team this year - New York Jets or New England Patriots?

Sep 2011
The Patriots seem to be the best team, but each team has shown particular weakness'.

Ironically the Jets' D has been their biggest issue this year, with it looking particularly porous at moments, and even their lauded secondary has had weak moments. Also their run game hasn't really been what it's needed to be since they got rid of Thomas Jones. LT has been about as much as you could hope for, but Shonn Green really hasn't been the weapon one would like him to be.

The Bills' success can't be overlooked, but it's been a few games now, where they had to make these big pushes at the end of games, after really not looking that great at the beginning of those same games; I just can't imagine that they can sustain that.

The Patriots obviously suffered that collapse at Buffalo, and their Defense has suffered from losing a vet they used to rely on as well; ever since Richard Seymour got sent to Oakland the NE defense hasn't quite had that same impact. But they do have a lot of young talent on D, and Tom Brady isn't going to throw 4 picks most games. Also, separate from those picks, Brady has looked pretty lights out so far this year. I expect the Pats to go deep into the playoffs.
Oct 2011
I would love to say my Bills are taking the reigns, but I know I'd be lying to myself. The Patriots are better. Their offense is way more explosive, their defense is lacking, but what their offense has done makes up for it. They can win a game 42-32. The Jets are more balanced with their offense and defense so they can win like 24-14